Medical Eagle Forensic Nurse Consultants began in early 2011 as a means of providing Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) to facilities in the rural and suburban areas of central Texas. This service, obviously, filled a clinical need. It was also recognized as a benefit to most patients because they were able to have a Medical Forensic Exam in a familiar local setting.

In September 2013, a new law regarding evidence collection for a patient complaining of sexual assault came into effect (Texas Senate Bill 1191 became part of Health and Safety Code Chapter 323). As a result, there is an easily recognizable knowledge deficit among Registered Nurses and other licensed medical professionals in Emergency Departments across Texas with regard to the collection of forensic evidence. This is a deficit that needs to be addressed so that Emergency Departments in Texas can be in compliance with the law.  

In order to evoke change, change has to be provoked. The creation of change, in this instance, started with assessing purpose and ended with establishing new goals. It should be noted that a significant shift in perspective was an unexpected outcome of the change process.